Our Savior’s is now set up to receive e-Transfers, so you’re able to send donations conveniently, anytime from your desktop or device!


Sending Our Savior’s an e-Transfer is exactly the same as any other e-Transfer recipient!

How to set up this feature:

1.     Login to your online banking.

2.     Go to Pay Bills/Transfer Funds, e-Transfers, Send Money or whatever terminology your bank uses.

3.     Add New: You’ll need to add Our Savior’s Lutheran as a new e-Transfer recipient.


Name: Our Savior’s Lutheran


We’re set for Autodeposit so you don’t need a security question.


Special Instructions to Our Savior’s: Unless you tell us, the money will go to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church general fund account. If there are any special instructions on how you want your donation to be allocated, you can include those instructions to us in the optional “Message” field.


Tax Receipts

Our Savior’s members will have their e-Transfer donations recorded the same way as if they are on the pre-authorized remittance program (PAR) or are using envelopes with us. Note: if your email spelling does not clearly reflect your real name, you may consider adding a Message to us to eliminate guesswork!


Non-members who desire a tax receipt for their donation need to provide their name, address and other contact information to us, either in the optional “Message” field or by separate email. All tax receipts are issued at year end.


Thank you for supporting the ministry and mission of Our Savior’s Lutheran!