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A Green Note for Advent and Christmas

As I sit in my comfy green chair looking out our living room window, watching the snow fly and the wind blow, while temperatures dip to -30C, one might wonder why I'm reading an amazing handout on composting.

I had picked it up at the the Regina Floral Conservatory back in the fall while visiting there. It's called the "RGA Gardening Fact Sheet #2: Composting" and is one of a series of very educational 'green' fact sheets created by the Regina Growers Association and all on display in the conservatory foyer. 

Ever been there? If not, you must visit this hidden gem! I'm going to feature more about it in a future Green Note, but for now, back to Composting and Fact Sheet #2.

Even though winter is upon us, I'm reminded of the importance of continuing to think green and the bigger picture--our duties and responsibilities as keepers of the earth. It's a big job with helpful fact sheets like #2 for example, the task doesn't seem as onerous!

There are many gardening tips mentioned on the Fact Sheet that are particularly interesting from a biological perspective. For example, did you know that with the proper bin placement and size, the original waste volume declines from 10 to 40% once decomposed--amazing!

Stay tuned for more about the Regina Floral Conservatory in weeks ahead and Happy Winter!

Barbara Jones

Click on the images for fullscreen view. Photos by Barbara Jones.

Click on the images for fullscreen view. Photos by Barbara Jones.

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